Thursday, June 25, 2009

News: Bowery Presents Loses What Little Dignity It Had Left

So Bowery Presents has partnered with Jet Blue and Superfly Marketing in sponsoring a contest where your band could win a chance to play at the airport. Cause, you know, that's where every band wants to play.

You can find the details here. And the kicker? "The top artist as determined by JetBlue and Superfly will also perform as the opening act for a headlining artist at Bowery Presents' Terminal 5, the popular concert venue in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, or another Bowery Presents show" (italics mine). So that means, if you win this contest, you could, you know, get to play at 7 PM at Mercury Lounge on a Tuesday. And the airport. Hot DOG!

Thanks for the tip, Jasper.

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