Friday, June 19, 2009

Radio Flyer Review Presents New York No-Gaze

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The show tomorrow is all set, please come out!

The loft is at 255 McKibben St., apartment 507. To get there, take the L to Montrose, then walk south three blocks on Bushwick Ave. (If you cross Meserole, you're going the wrong way.) When you come to McKibben, take a left. It's about halfway down the long block, on the left side. If the door downstairs is closed, just buzz. It's on the fifth floor.

Or, if you prefer, take the L to Morgan. Walk one block west on Harrison Pl., then take a right and immediately take a left on McKibben. After you cross White St., it's about halfway down the long block on the right side.

Here's the line up:
Doors at 8 PM
9 PM - Gracefully
10 PM - IfWhen
11 PM - 28 Degrees Taurus

The door charge is suggested donation only, but please pitch in so the bands can get paid! They work very hard!

Massive thanks to Rachel and roommates for letting us use their loft and Vanishing Point for letting us use their PA.

See you tomorrow!

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