Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Venue Review: An Introduction

Something I've long wanted to do on Radio Flyer Review is publish a series of reviews of NYC venues that would be useful for musicians and show-goers alike. And I think the time is right!

My knowledge isn't infinite (what?! I know!) but as far as I have experienced each venue, I'm going to give you information about booking shows at the venue, acoustics and visibility, the venue's attitudes towards draw/money/etc., and their general "vibe" based on their typical crowd, their regular events and their aesthetics. Along with whatever else I think of to tell you.

I'm going to use this post as an index and add links to each venue review as I go. That way, you'll all have a nice alphabetical list to refer back to. Stay tuned, the first will be coming up shortly!

The Annex
Bowery Ballroom
Cake Shop
The Charleston
Death By Audio
The Delancey
Lit Lounge
Market Hotel
Mercury Lounge
Roseland Ballroom
Terminal 5
Trash Bar

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