Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Upcoming Shows: Arms, Depreciation Guild, Pet Ghost Project + more!

Tonight, 1/6

Arms @ Pianos - LES, Manhattan - $8
I've been telling you about fuzzy indie rockers Arms and how you should check them out. Here's your chance. ::MySpace

Thursday, 1/8

The Depreciation Guild @ Bell House - Park Slope, Brooklyn
Another one of my bands to watch in 2009, Depreciation Guild really stands out from the bazillion other "shoegaze" bands. Their detailed guitar work creates lush, dynamic walls of sound, and once you crawl inside, you won't want to leave. ::MySpace

Friday, 1/9

Bear Hands @ Webster Studio - E. Village, Manhattan - $10
Bear Hands are hyper-conventional (though very solid) indie rock, with a slight pop-punk flavor. They are completely digestible for mainstream radio audiences but skillful and just innovative enough to appease a more indie-minded crowd. ::MySpace

Bridges and Powerlines, My Teenage Stride @ Union Hall - Park Slope, Brooklyn - $8
Yet another one of my bands to watch in 2009, Bridges and Powerlines play jumpy indie rock with a strong pop sensibility. My Teenage Stride plays sweet, tightly-locked indie pop that's fun and mostly pretty damn good. ::B&P MySpace ::MTS MySpace

Saturday, 1/10

Team Genius @ Lit Lounge - E. Village, Manhattan
[Please double check this show exists before going. It shows up on some listings and not on others.] I've told you about Team Genius before, in fact more than once, so I'll just let you look at that to see what they are all about. The main appeal of going to this particular show is to see how they are going to fit eight members on a stage that's not much bigger than your average broom closet. Anyway, they play fun, comforting pop music that it's hard not to love. ::MySpace

Sunday, 1/11

Pet Ghost Project, Quiet Loudly @ Arlene's Grocery - LES, Manhattan
For the first time in recent history, Arlene's has decent bands playing. Yet another of my picks for 2009, Pet Ghost Project is some great American lo-fi pop, with strong melodies, fuzzy guitar and innovative compositions. Quiet Loudly is a very experimental pop band, with jagged guitar riffs and driving rhythms, and I highly recommend checking them out - they are better live than recorded and it's worth giving them a chance. Plus, the whole thing is a benefit show for an animal shelter, so not going would be like kicking puppies in the face: wrong. ::PGP MySpace ::QL MySpace

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