Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fifteen Bands to Watch in 2009 - Part 2


Beluga - The indie-music public is obviously ready for some bad-ass female bands, and these ladies are exactly that. Moreover, they're musically original, being one of those awesome bands that's helping move punk out of the 80's and into the present day. So yay! :: MySpace

Bridges and Powerlines - There are things that annoy me about this band and things that bore me, but the good parts are really, really good and if the band continues to hone their songwriting, they may end up as one of the best indie rock bands around. :: MySpace

Depreciation Guild - Brilliant shoegaze. Yeah, they're better on records than they are live, but they'll get there. :: MySpace

Gunfight! - All the cool kids love Gunfight! and their country-slanted party tunes. For good reason. :: MySpace

It Hugs Back - Maybe a safe pick, given that they've signed to 4AD, but on this side of the Atlantic, they are still very much under the radar. Given the quality of their sweetly beautiful, carefully noisy indie pop, that won't last long! :: MySpace

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