Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Upcoming Shows: David Pajo, Shilpa Ray, Bellmer Dolls and more

TONIGHT, December 12 - there's only one choice:

Jealous Girlfriends @ Webster Studio - $10
If you feel like going to a concert tonight, go to this one.

TOMORROW, December 11 - it's a toss up between two...

Bellmer Dolls @ Webster Studio - $8/$10
Bellmer Dolls are those garage goth geniuses I've been trying to tell you about. This is their first show in a while, and you have to see them live to get the full effect. :: MySpace

Suicide + Spanish Prisoners @ Europa - $22
Suicide are the legendary synth duo who helped establish the No Wave movement in New York about 30 years ago. They are still badass and they have invited up-and-comers the Spanish Prisoners to open. ::MySpace (Suicide) // :: MySpace (Spanish Prisoners)

Friday, December 12

Shipla Ray and Her Happy Hookers @ Santos Party House - $8/$10
Shilpa Ray of Beat the Devil has a new band and they are awesome and crazy like the last one. It's hard to describe the music, you'll have to hear it for yourself. Think blues meets post-punk meets escaped mental patient (and upon meeting, they have a fight to the death). :: MySpace

Saturday, December 13

Drink Up Buttercup and the Spanish Prisoners @ Cake Shop - $7
Two trendy bands, one trendy venue. Wear hipster-repellant. :: MySpace (Drink Up Buttercup)

Sunday, December 14

David Pajo + Men & Women @ Knitting Factory (Old Office) - $5
David Pajo, like David Grubbs, is one of the great leaders of 90's experimental rock. A member of Slint, Tortoise and The For Carnation (and more shamefully, Zwan), Pajo's resume is basically unbeatable. And it's only $5. :: MySpace

Drink Up Buttercup and War On Drugs @ Union Hall - $10
Two super-trendy bands (again). Wear hipster-repellant (again). :: MySpace (War On Drugs)

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