Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Albums to watch for in 2009

***Disclaimer: This is a list of albums I hope to see in 2009. Most of them haven't been announced, and probably some of them don't/won't exist. I'm not trying to start rumors, I'm just an optimist!!***

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - This electro-dream-pop outfit made some waves in 2007 and now, we have it on good authority (their own) that they are heading into the studio again. Last time I heard them, their music seemed to be moving in a more aggressive direction, which means 2009 may well blow their already-excellent 2007 release out of the water. :: MySpace

The Harlem Shakes - I'd like everyone to note that I had faith in these guys all along. And now it's official, they're back! I'm going to go freak out now (in a good way). :: MySpace

Mahogany - They are noise pop legends, and I'm pretty sure I heard them say they were coming out with something soon. In any case, at their recent show, the new material was some of their best ever, which is hard to even believe. True, they may let us down, but they also have the potential to knock our socks off, yet again. :: MySpace

My Bloody Valentine - It's possible, right? :: MySpace

Ringo Deathstarr - The next best thing to My Bloody Valentine. I think they owe us an LP. I demand an LP! :: MySpace

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - I'm confused. But hopeful. Anyway, the only thing Shilpa [ex-Beat the Devil] is better at than confusing people is putting out crazy and amazing music. :: MySpace

The Vandelles - I could swear I heard these guys were working on an album, but I'm looking all over and I can't find the info anywhere. Nevertheless, I will be surprised if we don't see something substantial soon. And I will be even more surprised if it doesn't totally kick everyone's ass. :: MySpace

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