Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top Five Bands I Should Like But Don't

OK, I've been contemplating publishing this list for a while, but I've been hesistating, partly out of fear of misunderstanding. These are bands I respect a lot and want to love. But on an emotional level, I just don't like them. I know, I'm missing out!

5. R.E.M. - I don't get it. This is the only band on the list that I don't own albums by, but I've given them lots of listens, especially because people are always playing them for me, trying to win me over. I want to like them, but they don't hold my attention, just annoy me and then fade into the background.

Number of albums I own: 0

4. Nirvana - After listening to Nirvana intensively while working on a term paper about Kurt Cobain in college, I started to come around to appreciating the band, but I still can't stand Nevermind. It just seems whiny and dull to me. And it's probably the most important album of the last quarter century!

Number of albums I own: 3

3. Radiohead - I've tried so hard to love Radiohead, I bought a bunch of their albums when I was in high school and listened to them all the time. I convinced myself and others that Radiohead was one of my favorite bands, but the reality is, I never enjoyed it. I find OK Computer depressing, but only vaguely so, not in a way I find moving or even interesting. I could come around to some songs on The Bends, but try as I might, I've found it completely impossible to warm up to OK Computer.

Number of albums I own: 3

2. The Smiths - I couldn't begin to the count the number of times I've been told I'd really like the Smiths. I really disliked them when I first heard them as a teenager, but as I became more open-minded, I expected they would grow on me. They haven't. I get really annoyed after a couple of songs and have to turn them off. For some reason, I can't stand Morrisey's voice.

Number of albums I own: 1

1. The Ramones - I know. The RAMONES. How can a wannabe-punk such as myself dislike the greatest punk band of all time? The truth is, I've never been crazy about what happened between the Stooges and the advent of hardcore, but the Ramones remain my least favorite band from the era. The truth is, most of their melodies either bore or annoy me. I know they are worth my respect and love, and I hope with time, I'll come to understand what other people see in this band. But for the time being, I just don't get it.

Number of albums I own: 2

This list is a work in progress, in that I hope it will grow shorter with time. Suggestions, anyone?

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