Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guest List: Top 7 Albums of 2008 (Hortense's List)

Another guest list, another turn on the random name generator. Here it is:

1. Youth Novels by Lykke Li - Okay.... Cute voice, talented writer and a damn good dancer! Not to mention she is smoking hot! My favorite album of 2008. Listen to: Little Bit

2. Volume One by She and Him - This album was surprisingly made by Zooey Deschanel (girl from winter passing, elf) and M ward. It has a 60s feel to it and I find it rather relaxing to cook/bake to. Don't make fun of me until you try it.

3. Exit Strategy of the Soul by Ron Sexsmith - This album is timeless, classic and beautifully composed.

4. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver - This album is slow, yet moving. As a whole, it keeps your attention by building up each song.

5. Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes - The name totally fits the band. When I listen to it, I just imagine lots of little cute forest animals gathering and singing like a chorus. Very pretty blended high vocals.

6. Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Rós - Ok, I was a bit confused when I first heard this, because I'm used to just putting on a Sigur Rós album and relaxing. This one has a fewupbeat songs in the beginning of the album, but they put you in such a good mood you have to like them. Towards the end, you can relax again, because the album finishes off with beautifully soft songs.

7. Lesser Matters by the Radio Dept. - This album was close to not making my list because I thought it came out in 2007. However it was released on Jan 1st, 2008, so HA! It just made it! This album has a lot of great songs. My Favorites: Keen On Boys, Why Won't You Talk About It, and Lost and Found.

On a side note..... Lykke Li will be performing at Webster Hall on Feb 2nd.. Definitely worth seeing! Happy New Year Everyone.

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