Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey, thanks for everyone who came out Saturday, it was a great night! And thanks especially to the bands, who played totally kickass sets. I'm not gonna review my own show, obviously, but I do want to mention that 28 Degrees Taurus finished (pre-encore) with the sickest version of "Crash and Burn" imaginable.

And one last time, thanks so much to our hosts at McKibben for letting us use their space and helping us promote the show. And to Vanishing Point, who were generous with their equipment and time - these guys rock and everyone should check them out and go to the shows they put on around town.

Here's the annotated playlist, if anyone is interested:

I Believe - Skywave
Flying - Telescopes
It's You - Heavenly
Stomach Worm (Stereolab) - It Hugs Back
A Great Divide - Parts and Labor
No Fun - Lovvers
See/Saw - Jay Reatard
Useless Inventions - Guided by Voices
The Year without a Summer - Coltrane Motion
[^This is my new favorite shameless pop band, only recently heard them for the first time.]
Everyone Knows Everyone - The Helio Sequence
[^I may have got a little carried away with the pop thing.]
I'm Ok You're Ok - Let's Wrestle
Starrsha - Ringo Deathstarr
[The best shoegaze band of its/our generation]
Glue - Sisters
[^Since reviewing this band, it's really sunk in that they are one of New York's most promising new bands. Delightfully minimalist poppy garage rock.]
Teenage Super Party - Wavves
Clusterfuck - The Manhattan Love Suicides
[^The MLS are every shoegaze/noise pop/indie pop DJ's dream. Dozens of perfect pop songs clocking in at well under three minutes.]
How Will the Others Survive? - Tears Run Rings
[^The second best new/contemporary shoegaze band, after Ringo Deathstarr.]
See You Shine - Alcian Blue


Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside) - My Bloody Valentine
Like Flowers at Night - Panda Riot
Sweet Girl - Ringo Deathstarr
Love Is a Wave - Crystal Stilts
Sky Ghosts - Depreciation Guild
One Plus One Equals Three Or More - Mahogany
Here Should Be My Home - No Age
Death Ray - The Brother Kite
Come Saturday - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Way Too High - Secret Shine
My Aquarium - Drop Nineteens
A Silent Tide - Flying Saucer Attack


My Weakness - A Place to Bury Strangers
Why Don't We Do It in the Road - Lydia Lunch
Cigarette in Your Bed - My Bloody Valentine
Fever - Screen Vinyl Image
Teen Angst - M83
So Long - Brief Candles
Supervitesse (Robin Guthrie remix) - Mahogany
Sunday Night - Ren
Sweet Abyss - Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
Detroit Diesel - The Manhattan Love Suicides
Noise-Bleeding Girl - Werewolves
[^Werewolves helped set up this show, but I didn't play their song to pay them back, I played it because they are awesome.]
Swallow - My Bloody Valentine

[[28 Degrees Taurus]]

Somehow my playlist got changed around after the show, I think. Which is fine, it wasn't really a great playlist to start with. (To be totally honest, I snuck out during 28 Degrees Taurus's encore, so I'm not sure what happened.) Based on my "last played" list, this is what was played:

Tak! Attack! - Black Affair
Bomb the Surf - The Vandelles
Pleasure and Pain - Soundpool
What New York Used to Be - The Kills
First Communion - Gang Gang Dance
Missing You - A Place to Bury Strangers
Balloons - Foals
You Can't Be Funky - Bush Tetras
Darklooming - The Depreciation Guild
...and after that, I don't know what happened, as that's as far as the "last played" list goes. VP said they had to leave, so I guess this is when they did so and took my laptop with.

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