Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News: Antlers release remastered Hospice online

After their self-released LP Hospice generated massive acclaim from a bunch of bloggers like me, the band got themselves signed to the excellent Frenchkiss Records. They are rereleasing the album in remastered form in August on CD and vinyl, but it's available digitally starting today.

Here's a few sentences from the review/dissertation I posted back in February (in case you don't have the patience to get through the whole thing):

Hospice is not only an outstanding album, it's one of the most exciting releases since the 90's. On the surface, it's a concept album that intertwines stories of terminal cancer, mental illness and dissolution of a relationship into dysfunction and cruelty. Where these tales intersect is the painful truth that love does not conquer all. Sonically, it's a creeping ambient lo-fi, as if Radiohead had recorded OK Computer in Thom Yorke's basement. It's an imperfect work, of course, but it's still a rare and exciting accomplishment. It's musicians like these who will lead us out of indie rock's dead ends and on a personal level, who will help us mend from life's damages and carry on.

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