Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming Shows: Kurt Vile, Pterodactyl + more!!

TOMORROW! Wednesday, June 24

Asa Ransom, Spanish Prisoners @ Southpaw | Park Slope, Brooklyn | $8
Asa Ransom are such a cool band. They play art-punk with lots of keyboard and lots of energy. It's been ages since I've seen them, but when I last did, they were outstanding. [MySpace]

Thursday, June 25

Dinosaur Jr @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Williamsburg, Brooklyn | SOLD OUT
Dinosaur Jr made their reputation in the 80's by simply playing way louder than anyone else. Their music was probably the most important factor in the advent of shoegaze. They also cleared the way for technically skilled lead guitar playing in American punk. In sum, their impact on indie music has been profound. Plus, they hate each other so there's the thrill of seeing if the show will end in homocide. [MySpace]

Friday, June 26

Kurt Vile, Real Estate, Girls @ Secret Project Robot | Williamsburg, Brooklyn | $8
These are some of the hottest bands out of the lo-fi movement. Headliner Kurt Vile (now Matador label-mate of Sonic Youth) is at the folk end of the spectrum. The other two are pretty trendy at the moment too, so check them all out while you can still see them in a small venue. [KV MySpace] [RE MySpace] [Girls MySpace]

Antlers @ Rooftop Films, Open Road Rooftop | LES, Manhattan | $9-$25
Well, it's nice to hear bands play on roofs. And there's no doubt the Antlers will be considered one of the best bands of 2009 after their rerelease of Hospice this August. Their music is sad but breathtaking, like a lo-fi version of Radiohead. Then again $9 minimum for a half hour of music and having to show up at 8:30 PM for the band kinda makes me not inclined to go to this one. [MySpace]

Balmorhea @ Le Poisson Rouge | Greenwich Village, Manhattan | $15
If you are looking for something more conservative, something your grandparents would approve of and that won't give you a horrible headache, check out Balmorhea. Despite the terrible name (or am I the only one who pictures a really horrifying STD?), the band is very lovely, playing ambient classical folk music, mostly instrumental. It's post-rock minus most of the rock, but it is extremely beautiful music. [MySpace]

Saturday, June 27

Pterodactyl, A Sunny Day in Glasgow @ Death By Audio | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Two Three of my favorite bands, one of my favorite venues, what could be better? Pterodactyl are one of the best NY bands I've discovered recently, and definitely one of the most original. Their post-punk barage is nothing short of thrilling. If you want more info, read my recent live review. It's been much longer since I've heard electrogaze kingpins ASDIG; in fact, I haven't seen them since my very first post on this blog. At that point, they were getting more agressive and even louder, so let's hope they've kept on in that direction. [Ptero MySpace] [ASDIG MySpace]
**UPDATE** Somehow, I overlooked the fact that Grooms are also playing this show. That or they were just added to the line-up. Either way, now it's even more important that you go to this show. Grooms (fka Muggabears) are some fucking cool post-punk. At once angular, gloomy and melodic. Mmmmm... [MySpace]

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