Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who to Watch in 2010: Part 4

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Small Black - This enthusiastic synth-based group made a short-lived splash this fall. Keep then on the radar. I have a feeling that their sincerity and their knack for writing great pop tunes will take them a long way yet. [MySpace]

Street Chant - I don't know if hailing from New Zealand will be an asset or a handicap for this band. All I know is that in a world saturated with DIY bands, this young punk outfit manages to stand out. The songs are just that good. [MySpace]

Trash Kit - I don't mean to play favorites, but one member of this band totally let me crash her night out last spring for no apparent reason. But as much as that may have endeared me to this new trio, they deserve to be on this list. With some of their circle getting love stateside (Wetdog, most recently), they might be able to get their foot in the door. And whether or not they manage that, their take-no-prisoners punk ain't nothing to fuck with. [MySpace]

Young Boys - New York's best kept secret for sure, Young Boys are what would be left if you set a pile of Jesus & Mary Chain records on fire. The duo's music is sparse and gritty but with dramatic, sweeping melodies and enough feedback to annihilate a small city. [MySpace]

The Zookeepers - Boston may have been disgraced this year in the world of baseball, but they do have one thing going for them - the Zookeepers. The band doesn't sound as if they've full come into their own quite yet. But there's a diamond in that rough - being amateur will pass. Being creative [hopefully!] won't. [MySpace]

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