Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who to Watch in 2010: Part 3

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Knight School - Indie pop has certainly experienced a bit of a revival lately and I have a hunch Knight School will be one of the next swept up the craze. They aren't anything new, but slightly harder-edged and rawer than the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and their ilk, they have a niche. Their songwriting is consistently superb, with Bealtes-esque melody. And they've got all the right friends. Stay tuned. [MySpace]

Male Bonding - This one may be a bit of an easy pick, but so far, the U.S. press hasn't really picked up on these new signees to SubPop. My first thought about this band (aside from the fact that they share a name with an early incarnation of Sonic Youth) was, what do we need with another DIY punk band? But it quickly became apparent to me, especially seeing the band live at CMJ, that they have something special. Their music is simply explosive - let's hope people on this side of the Atlantic take notice soon! [MySpace]

PC Worship - I was originally under the impression this band was quite a bit more avant-garde than they really are. They do build a space in their music for a lot of sonic experimentation, but their murky, echoey noise carries twice-removed psychedelic melodies and lo-fi charm. [MySpace]

Screens - Screens dub their reverby drones with spooky, emotive vocals and organic sounding electronic grooves. The band may be a little too strange to make it really big, but hey, you never know. And whether or not they garner attention, I am willing to bet they will do something bold and exciting in 2010. [MySpace]

Sleigh Bells - This is another somewhat obvious pick. I mean, even my mom has heard of them! But they were little known until this October, when they became the surprise stars of CMJ. They are an electrodance duo, but with serious no wave, punk and noise influences. From searing distorted guitars and searing distorted vocals to ten thousand pound downbeats, this band will make a real impact. And not just an impact on your eardums, but that too! [MySpace]

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