Monday, January 4, 2010

Who to Watch in 2010: The Deja Vu List

Last year, I listed bands to watch in 2009. I definitely got a few right and a few wrong. Others, I think, are just a matter of timing and yet more are just continuing what they started. That means there are a few repeats from 2009 on this years "To Watch" list. These are they:

The Antlers - This is one of the bands I got right for 2009. But despite their massive climb in 2009 (they appeared to have all of fifteen people at a show in early 2009 and recently sold out Bowery Ballroom), I think their ascent has only just begun. They make sad ambient rock a little like Radiohead or Arcade Fire. [MySpace]

Coin Under Tongue - I recommended these guys back in June for the second half of 2009. They've been a bit slow to catch on, but I still think they are headed for greatness. Great sludgy post-hardcore with a keen melodic sensibility.

Coyote Eyes - Another one I recommended back in June. These guys are one of the most promising Brooklyn bands, playing arty post punk with a totally fresh sound. [MySpace]

Led Er Est - This band didn't make as big of strides in 2009 as I expected. But they have a lot of potential and lately, they seem to be gaining some real momentum. Their gothy no-wavey drones are certainly better than a lot of what's been getting hype lately. Expect a lot more in 2010. [MySpace]

Pterodactyl - 2010 might not be the biggest year for these guys because I don't know if they have any plans to release a full-length album. However, given that they remain one of the most innovate and underrated bands in Brooklyn and given that they are on the radars of most indie critics at this point, I think this band is still very much on the ascent. [MySpace]

The Ruling Class - This UK band hasn't yet had the break-through they deserve but I'm starting to see them on the radar at last. They are the most talented britpop group since the early 90's and 2010 should be their year. [MySpace]

Screaming Females - Okay, they weren't on any of my "to watch" lists, but I've talked about them so much, they may as well have been - and then some. They are probably the best indie rock band left on earth and yes, 2009 was tremendous for them, but I think they'll go even further in the years to come. [MySpace]

Sisters - Another band from my list in June, Sisters are an amazing duo with talent and spirit and their name has been in the The New Yorker, so 2010 is certainly looking bright. Their lo-fi noise pop will delight fans of everything from twee to 90's indie to punk rock proper. [MySpace]

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