Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who to Watch in 2010: Part 2

I already gave you the rerun list for bands to watch in 2010. Now for the new names:

Big Troubles - Big Troubles seem to me to combine the best of two worlds. They come from the media-savvy New Jersey in-crowd that brought us Real Estate and the Vivian Girls. But unlike most of these aloof bands, Big Troubles crank up the volume and distortion to 11 and aren't afraid to acknowledge a love of the Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis. In other words, they are a rock band who don't stake their music on cooler-than-thou posturing. Their songwriting is excellent, their sound rich and full and their live performance arresting. [MySpace]

Bonus Eventus - This band has been around a while but has only just started to unleash its charm upon the indie world at large. Simplistic pop-punk about being young and drunk isn't exactly a new idea, but these guys do it right. The bare hooks and raw enthusiasm combine to make great songs that will worm their way into your heart. [MySpace]

Ex Wife - Another New Jersey band, but this one from the less aloof New Brunswick scene, Ex Wife released a stunning EP in 2009 and have all the pieces in place to take off in 2010. Their music is punk-smart but emotive, raw but beautiful, gritty but lush. The band is young and sounds it, and it's too early to tell for sure, but I have a feeling this is just the beginning of something massively important. At once pained, agitated and inviting, it all sounds very contradictory, so I suggest you listen for yourself. [MySpace]

Frozen Warnings - With the Werewolves on hiatus, defacto band leader Brian Amsterdam has turned his attention to a new project, Frozen Warnings. If Werewolves are any indiaction, we can expect something relentlessly creative wrapped in a druggy haze and revealing some damn good songs. I doubt this band will sound much like Werewolves, but whatever direction they go in is probably worth checking out. [MySpace]

Heavy Cream - This female-led punk outfit from the Nashville/Infinity Cat scene is the combination of four very talented (and incidentally, very good-looking) musicians. Perhaps because they aren't quite as young and new to music as many of their punky peers, Heavy Cream have already revealed a level of professionalism and focus rare in new bands. But they are still youthful and energetic, delivering their irresistible tunes with reckless devotion. Watch out for these kids. [MySpace]

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