Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming Shows - This Week + September Preview

I really can't get it up for many of the shows this week, except the Breeders last night and tonight at Bowery. And that's very sold out, though I suppose it's worth a try.

Friday, August 21
Antlers @ Mercury Lounge | LES, Manhattan | SOLD OUT
This show is sold out, but if you can find a way to go, I'd recommend it. This is the album release party for Hospice, which is one of the definitive albums of the last decade. The band is pretty good live, too. It's amazing to see just three guys make all those sounds you hear on the recordings. [MySpace]

Saturday, August 22
Blank Dogs, Ex-Humans @ Don Pedro's | Bushwick, Brooklyn
Why Blank Dogs would play such a venue is anyone's guess. Don Pedro's doesn't exactly have a great reputation among Brooklyn bands. But that's not what's important. What's important is the gothy lo-fi of Blank Dogs is unparalleled and you should check it out. And yeah, I know I haven't had the most positive reaction to the live shows in the past, but 1) I hear there may be some significant changes afoot for Blank Dogs as a live act and 2) just because the shows aren't as good as the albums doesn't mean they aren't better than most other bands' shows around. [MySpace]

There are some shows coming up further down the line that are worth putting on your calendar and, if possible, getting tickets for before they sell out:

August 30
Lightning Bolt @ 979 Broadway | Bushwick, Brooklyn | $12
An afternoon show from one of the best guitar bands in, like, years. [MS]

September 1
Screaming Females @ Mercury Lounge | Manhattan | $10*
Another one of the best guitar bands in years. And they're up-and-coming fast, so check them out while you can still see them somewhere reasonably small. [MS]

September 9
Naked Raygun @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn | $15*/$18
One of the great bands of the American Underground, Naked Raygun ruled the hardcore/indie scene in Chicago. [MS]

September 13
Feelies @ Southpaw | Park Slope, Brooklyn | $25*
The Feelies defined the jangly "Hoboken Pop" of the 1980's, balancing pioneering noise with catchy melodies and uptempos. Twenty-five bucks is a lot, but at least it's a double set. [MS]

September 14
Autolux @ Bowery Ballroom | Manhattan | $15*
If you like shoegazy alt-rock walls of sound and massive songs, look no further. [MS] (Actually, do look further on this list, there's more for you...)

September 15
Autolux @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn | $15*
See above. [MS]
Zeros + Jemina Pearl @ Southpaw | Park Slope, Brooklyn | $15*
The Zeros are one of the classic late 70's LA punk bands, and one of the only presently touring with their original line-up intact. [MS]

September 19
..And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead + Secret Machines @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn | $20*
If you like shoegazy alt-rock walls of sound and massive songs, look no further. (This time I mean it.) [MS]

September 24
Wavves + Ganglians @ Santos Party House | Manhattan | $12*
Wavves make lo-fi, surfy, poppy, noisy, fiercely independent punk. They are one of the very, very best bands to emerge in 2008/2009. They are playing a Todd P show (venue TBA) the next day, though, if you prefer the DIY setting. [MS]

*Advance tickets available online

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