Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upcoming Shows: Lightning Bolt, Ladybug Transistor + more

Thursday, August 27

Ladybug Transistor @ Union Hall | Park Slope, Brooklyn | $10
The Ladybug Transistor is one of NYC's classic indie pop bands from way back in the day. They rule. [MySpace]

Friday, August 28

Arms & Sleepers @ Webster Studio | E. Village, Manhattan | $10 adv./$12 dos.
Arms & Sleepers is a shoegazy, ambient outfit whose music one would be hard put to call "lively" - but it's beautiful and captivating. Layers of keyboards are punctuated with tracks of hissing and crackling rhythms. Lovely! [MySpace]

Saturday, August 29

Jaguar Club, Pow Wow, Spanish Prisoners, Coyote Eyes @ Union Hall | Park Slope, Brooklyn | $8
Though I'm extremely lazy and hate the trek down to Park Slope, I'm gonna have to head down to catch this show on Saturday. I've heard some great stuff about Jaguar Club, but haven't seen them yet. Pow Wow is overrated, but still a great lo-fi pop band. Spanish Prisoners are a noisy, hazy pop band that seem to pop in and out of the local spotlight. Coyote Eyes are one of my favorite Brooklyn bands around. Their angular, melodic post punk gets better every time. [JC MySpace] [PW MySpace] [SP MySpace] [CE MySpace]

Sunday, August 30

Lightning Bolt @ 979 Broadway Backyard | Bushwick, Brooklyn | $12
This show starts at 3 PM, so don't be late! It's in the vacant lot under the train tracks on Broadway, just down the block from Market Hotel (likely where the show will move to in case of rain). Lightning Bolt are one of the best guitar bands of the last decade. Their guitars are frantic and LOUD. Their music is arty and fearless. They've been critically acclaimed since their debut in 1999, but if anything, they are underrated. I cannot recommend them enough. [MySpace]

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