Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcoming Shows: Grass Widow, K-Holes, Talk Normal + more!

Tonight, Thursday, April 21

Nothing worth seeing.

Tomorrow!! Friday, April 22

So So Glos, Xray Eyeballs, Web Dating, Bass Drum of Death @ Glasslands * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $10
I can't say as I'm too thrilled about any of the shows going on around town tomorrow.  The So So Glos are always classic though - provincial, proletarian Brooklyn punk. [myspace]

Saturday, April 23

Grass Widow, K-Holes @ Glasslands * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $10
I'm so psyched to hear Grass Widow.  They're a punk outfit from San Francisco that everyone has been really excited by for the last year or so and they opened for Sonic Youth and stuff so apparently that "everyone" includes some pretty cool folks.  I have yet to hear the band, but I have high hopes (that might well be dashed if they turn out to be some sort of lame surf-pop).  I have heard K-Holes, and they are pretty fucking good, weird experimental stuff that's noisy and aggressive and post punky.  They have or had a member from Black Lips but the rest of them are ladies (!!) (as are Grass Widow) and they're a pretty mean bunch.  [widow myspace] [k-hole myspace]

Other shows
Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth) @ The Stone ($10, early show)
Talk Normal (lady noise!) @ The Stone ($10, late show)
PC Worship (free jazz informed lo-fi folk/rock) @ Death By Audio ($7)
Crocodiles, Fresh & Onlys, Young Prisms, Bass Drum of Death (agressive-ish post punk) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg ($12-14)
Mahogany (Swiss watch means shoegaze) @ Rock Shop ($10, not headlining)

Sunday, April 24

Grass Widow, Talk Normal, Broken Water @ Death By Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $7
Grass Widow, wheeee!  (see above.)  Talk Normal are two ladies who make music that isn't normal.  It's weird noise and rhythm but there are songs and both band members can sure sing (and have been increasingly making use of this skill, based on the last few shows of theirs I've seen).  Jasper claims he and I saw Broken Water before and they were good, but I don't remember it.  Still, it's a good name and a good bill in general, so get there early and check them out.  [widow myspace] [talk myspace] [broken myspace]

Monday, April 25

White Suns @ Death By Audio ($7)
Noize. [myspace]

Other shows
Miniboone (chaotic, writ-large pop) @ Pianos (Free!)

Tuesday, April 26


Wednesday, April 27

Lightning Bolt @ 285 Kent * Williamsburg, Brookly * $12
There are two people in this band and they are both named Brian.  One Brian plays a heavily distorted bass guitar very very very very fast and very very very very loud.  The other Brian plays the drums very very very very very very very fast and yells into a mic that he has in his mouth. [myspace]

Low @ Bowery Ballroom * LES, Manhattan * $18 / $20
This is the opposite of Lightning Bolt in that they play very very very very slow and very very very very quiet.  But they do so in a very bad-ass way: Low started in reaction to the dopey hardcore/grunge wave of bands in their hometown of Duluth, MN.  An exercise in restraint, Low keep from being boring (even to me, and I have the attention span of a 5-year-old) by the magnificent tension they generate via the art of omission.  They also let loose sometimes and scream about Santa Claus.  They are one of the best live acts in American indie music.  I promise. [myspace]

Other shows
Battles (experimental/math/post rock) @ Le Poisson Rouge
Lemuria (pop punk, emo, but good) @ Webster Studio

The long view...

Lightning Bolt (post-thrash noise), Pterodactyl (crazy noise) @ Le Poisson Rouge ($12/$14)

Titus Andronicus (epic hardcore punk songs about history - but so much better than that sounds) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Gang Gang Dance (experimental dub) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Foals (mathy dancy post punky indie rock) @ Terminal 5

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (saccharine indie pop with subtly dark lyrics) @ Webster Hall

Yo La Tengo (inventors of noise pop) @ Bell House (Sold Out)

Yo La Tengo (see above) @ Bell House (Sold Out)
CSS (ultra hip crazy dance pop with punk attitude from Brazilian ladies), Sleigh Bells (ultra hip duo with danceable heavy hip-hop beats + girly vocals + metal/hardcore/industrial sheets of guitar noise + some screaming) @  Webster Hall (Sold Out)

CSS, Sleigh Bells (see above) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (Sold Out)

CSS, Sleigh Bells (see above) @ Bowery Ballroom (Sold Out)

The Antlers (sad noisy music) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Antlers (see above) @ Bowery Ballroom
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), I Feel Tractor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Stiff Little Fingers (late 70's UK punk)

Dinosaur Jr (late 80's/early 90's loud proto-alt rock, performing their classic album Bug), Fucked Up (wall of sound meets hardcore/thrash meets best thing ever) @ Terminal 5

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