Friday, April 22, 2011

Live: AIDS Wolf, Captain Ahab, White Suns

When: 4/16
Where: Death By Audio

Pepe says Controlled Bleeding were badass, but I missed it.

The first band I saw was White Suns, who I've seen before, also set up on the floor of Death By Audio.  White Suns are a hardcore-informed noise group who use electronics and effects but still achieve very satisfying (deafening) lo-fi white noise.  There are ways in which the noise genre is played out and I can't say White Suns add much that's new.  But they do it well, with deafening roars and screaming but also with some more haunting, hushed moments.  Each song is carefully structured and even if they sound chaotic most of the time, sharp dynamic transitions reveal them to be a pretty tight act. [myspace]

Captain Ahab played next.  They were a sort of gay club outfit complete with a fellah in underwear dancing.  It was definitely way more dark and way more raw than your average gay club music, and very arty, complete with projections.  But ultimately it was more fun than it was interesting.  And since I hate fun, I was kind of bored.  But for people who don't hate fun, I suppose it was a good show. [myspace]

Of course, the highlight of the night was AIDS Wolf, a band who prove that there still are new directions for noise.  AIDS Wolf's asymmetrical, harsh rhythmic pulse propels a screeching swarm of noise forward, while the hot but somewhat terrifying "Special Delux" (a.k.a. Chloe Lum) screams and performs fellatio on the microphone.  I don't have anything new to say about this show, since I've reviewed the band before.  Recorded, the band is an alluring, psychotic, skull-splintering assault, but their live performance still surpasses their records - confrontational, fascinating and grotesque, AIDS Wolf are one of the few contemporary bands giving hope for new directions in a world of recycled, nostalgic indie rock. [myspace]

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