Monday, November 16, 2009

Live: Stupid Party

When: Halloween
Where: Bruar Falls

I went to see Stupid Party play on Halloween, which is an indication of how much I love them - I missed much of the Yankees game, during the friggin' World Series. Right there, that should tell you this is a band worth seeing.

Their set was pretty much what their sets have been in the past. They write great little songs and then pound them out like they are furious at the great little songs and want to kill them. They aren't technically inept but seem always to be playing music on the cusp of their abilities. The whole thing sounds like it could fall apart at any second. Which is exactly what makes this one of the best bands in NYC.

The performance was their usual, which means awesome. They make some poorly enunciated jokes between songs and although they don't have as much physical movement as many bands, when they play, you feel like they are subtly wrestling their guitars to death. Not smashing them, just strangling them without making a big fuss.

I wish I had something new or more insightful to say about this band, but it's just so simple. They are punchy and raw, they have great tunes and great musical chemistry. And they don't give a fuck. It really does not get any better than this.


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