Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Upcoming Shows: Wavves, Werewolves

Not a lot of good shows going on this week, at least not inspiring enough to override my lazy desire not to write up shows this week. But this weekend...

Friday, September 25

Wavves @ Market Hotel | Bushwick, Brooklyn
Wavves suck and can barely play their instruments. But they are so fuckin' awesome. They are nice kids who write catchy little songs full of distortion and play them with enthusiasm and energy. One of the best. [MySpace]

Saturday, September 26

Werewolves @ Market Hotel | Bushwick, Brooklyn
WEREWOLVES!!!!!!!! Man do I ever love this band. They are hard to describe, because their music spans the entire psychedelic spectrum, from late 60's rock and early garage rock to post punk and shoegaze. If you can imagine Kevin Shields playing guitar for the Doors, that's getting close. Basically, they've got walls of sound, shifting pitchings, measured tempos, catchy-but-weird melodies, weighty beats and a sense of humor. From noise experiments to pop tunes, Werewolves cover a lot of ground, all of it good. [MySpace]

That's it for the week, unless you want to trek out to see Stupid Party at Silent Barn on Sunday, but that's such a long trip for such a crappy venue, I can't recommend it.

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