Monday, March 2, 2009

Upcoming Shows: Antlers, Elika, Bellmer Dolls + more

TONIGHT - Monday, March 2

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers @ Santos Party House - Chinatown, Manhattan - $8/$10
I've told you to go see Shilpa Ray many times. Trust me, she's totally nuts. Here's my live review. :: MySpace

TOMORROW - Tuesday, March 3

The Bellmer Dolls @ Lit Lounge - East Village, Manhattan - $6
Garage goth pioneers and nihilistic nightmare of club owners everywhere, Bellmer Dolls are the Real Deal. Here's my very recent live review. Last time I saw them at Lit they did so much damage I'm pretty shocked they were invited back. They are one of today's most innovative bands and one of the best live shows out there. You'd be a fool to miss this. :: MySpace

Wednesday, March 4

Bridges and Powerlines @ Mercury Lounge - LES, Manhattan - $12
Nothing super amazing is going down Wednesday, but if you're in a show-going mood, check out B&P, one of NYC's most solid up-and-coming indie rock acts. They're an opening band so get there early. :: MySpace

Thursday, March 5

The Antlers @ Union Hall - Park Slope, Brooklyn - $10
The CD release party for the album I spent over 1,000 words raving about last week (scroll down), this show is going to be amazing. Don't miss a chance to send the Antlers off on tour - if the world is just, they won't be playing small shows when they get back. Melancholy lo-fi ambient music at its most interesting. :: MySpace

Saturday, March 7

So So Glos @ Market Hotel - Bushwick, Brooklyn
The So So Glos are hot shit in the New York underground right now. I've never heard them, but everything I've heard about their raw punk makes me think they're worth a gamble. And they're pretty much Market Hotel's house band, so it should be an relaxed, fun show. :: MySpace

Sunday, March 8

The Homosexuals @ Mercury Lounge - LES, Manhattan - $8
British DIY-style post-punks are resurrected. They're no Wire, but they're as close as you're gonna get, especially for only eight bucks. :: MySpace

Elika @ Union Hall - Park Slope, Brooklyn - FREE
I gave Elika a rave review for their 2008 album. Their dreamy, shoegazey electro-pop is some of the best out there - they could even give M83 a run for their money. Speaking of money, the show is free. So this is about as good as it gets. :: MySpace

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