Tuesday, March 3, 2009

News: Antlers release Hospice

I know I've been pimping this album pretty hard lately, but trust me - it's worth the excitement. The official release is today so stop reading and go get a copy!

Here's a few sentences from the review/dissertation I posted last week (in case you don't have the patience to get through the whole thing):

Hospice is not only an outstanding album, it's one of the most exciting releases since the 90's. On the surface, it's a concept album that intertwines stories of terminal cancer, mental illness and dissolution of a relationship into dysfunction and cruelty. Where these tales intersect is the painful truth that love does not conquer all. Sonically, it's a creeping ambient lo-fi, as if Radiohead had recorded OK Computer in Thom Yorke's basement. It's an imperfect work, of course, but it's still a rare and exciting accomplishment. It's musicians like these who will lead us out of indie rock's dead ends and on a personal level, who will help us mend from life's damages and carry on.

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