Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upcoming Shows: This Weekend!

Friday, the choice is easy...

Blacklist @ Music Hall of Williamsburg - Williamsburg, Brooklyn ($10)
This darkwave band will remind you of everything (at least everything gloomy) you love about the 80's, but with all of it brought up to date. They are playing with promising up-and-comers Led Er Est, among others.

Saturday, a hard decision awaits you, as at least four shows I highly recommend will be taking place...

Rasputina @ The Bell House - Park Slope, Brooklyn ($16)
These ladies have been around forever and a half, so you probably know who they are. If not, here's the story - three women hook up electric cellos to distortion pedals and play morbidly funny goth tunes. If you don't know how badass a cello with distortion can be, you'll need to check them out. Because it's something you should know.

Secret Life of Sofia + Naked Hearts @ Union Hall - Park Slope, Brooklyn ($8)
The Secret Life of Sofia play pretty, sparkly, layer-y indie folk rock that everyone loves. The Naked Hearts play catchy, loud, excellent noise pop. You'll like both of them.

Depreciation Guild @ Vanishing Point - Bushwick, Brooklyn ($?)
This is one of the best shoegaze acts around these days. A little electro, but still enough guitar to make a girl like me happy. Thick, bending, distorted, layered guitar. Yum.

Ifwhen @ Studio B.P.M. - Williamsburg, Brooklyn ($8 ~suggested)
"No-gaze" band Ifwhen will destroy everything you thought you knew about music with their avant-guard electronic noisefest. But in a good way. Bring earplugs.

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