Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Album: Coltrane Motion - Hello Ambition!

Hello Ambition! (Coltrane Motion)
Album: Hello Ambition!
Data Was Lost, 2010
Rating: ******* (7/10)

Coltrane Motion are one of those bands that illustrate just how much of a crap-shoot the indie scene is. As an electronic indie pop duo, they certainly aren't the edgiest/artsiest/most prentious band around, but they are as catchy as anyone and there's no reason they shouldn't be getting some serious love.

But so far they've been flying under the radar, especially outside of their windy, square-shouldered hometown. And yes, that sucks, but selfishly, I am glad to have a chance to see them at the miniscule Bruar Falls tonight.

And what of their new album? It's what those who have heard the band have come to expect - a string of knock-out, sweet, noisy, heartfelt electropop songs that make you jump up and down a little and smile a lot. There's nothing that quite equals the blasting, hooky "Year Without a Summer" but there's not a bad track either. The opener, "When We Were Old," sets the tone with a rich, driving pop gem. The more measured, expansive tune on "Maya Blue" keeps the record from getting ahead of itself, while the deep bass on "I Forgot There Was a War On" keeps it from falling behind.

The album ends strong as well. "High Tide" loops over a bobbing, synthetic bass line, while the buzzing, lo-fi jangle pop of "My Heart Might Go On" nods to Yo La Tengo's warm, dreamy soundscapes. Rounding it out, "Please Call It a Comeback" holds its breath for a full minute before exploding into a dark, shivering swirl of melancholy pop.

Coltrane Motion could stay an undiscovered gem forever, but there's certainly no guarantee - and certainly every reason for the kids to get hip to Hello Ambition! So get your ass to Bruar Falls (or Arlene's tomorrow), pick up a copy and enjoy the secret while it lasts.


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