Thursday, May 5, 2011

Upcoming Shows: Total Slacker, The Measure (Last Brooklyn Show!!!) + more

Tonight!! Thursday, May 5

C. Spencer Yeh, White Suns, Drainolith (mem. AIDS Wolf) @ Death By Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $7
Great noise music, with more emphasis on "noise" than "music" - all of these musicians play with sonic assault, drones and minimalism.  They are the best of the nastiest side of avant garde music.  And for only $7.  Go to this show! [yeh myspace] [suns myspace] ['lith myspace]

Thermals, Tyvek @ Le Poisson Rouge * Greenwich Village, Manhattan * $10
If you can't handle the avant garde waging war on your delicate ear drums, this show....well, it probably won't be much quieter, but it will have some melodies!  Thermals are a poppy punky band from the northwest coast.  Tyvek are opening!  Tyvek are awesome!  They come from Detroit.  They play punk music.  They have that Michigan/Ohio attitude of artiness combined with post industrial decay combined with fucking shit up.  They are fun to watch. [thermals myspace] [tyvek myspace]

Other shows
Fiery Furnaces (blues meets indie pop meets psychosis) @ Rockwood Music Hall ($20)

Tomorrow!! Friday, May 6

Total Slacker, Beaches, X-Ray Eyeballs @ Death By Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $7
The last time I saw Total Slacker, they nearly killed everyone in the venue by lighting a guitar on fire.  In a second floor DIY venue without proper fire exits and a low quality wood floor.  Despite the attempted murder, I love this band; they are one of the only bands that I still get excited about seeing.  Their guitarist is sick and can play crazy solos, but most of the time he doesn't do that.  Their bass player is sick.  Their drummer is pretty sick.  The band plays like they just picked up instruments for the first time, except that they are secretly amazing musicians and if you listen closely, you can hear how tight they are.  They like to jump into the audience and destroy their instruments.  Which is awesome. [myspace]

Other shows
K-Holes, Electroputas (lady noise!) @ Cake Shop ($8)
Lightning Bolt, Pterodactyl, Ducktails, So So Glos @ NYU Strawberry Festival (free afternoon show!)

Saturday, May 7

The Measure (SA) @ Death By Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn * $7
This is, apparently, the Measure's LAST BROOKLYN SHOW EVER OF ALL TIME.  They are a lovable pop punk band (more punk than pop), they are on Don Giovanni Records and you should go hear them play because it's your absolute last ever chance. [myspace]

Sunday, May 8


Monday, May 9


Tuesday, May 10

Yo La Tengo @ Bell House * Gowanus, Brooklyn * SOLD OUT
Yo La Tengo are one of the bands who invented noise pop back in the 1980's.  Their music is A) noisy and B) poppy.  Very much both.  They are getting up there, but have played continuously and released consistently solid records for well over two decades now.  Their music can be relaxing but it also has teeth.  And they are amazing live because there are only three of them but it always sounds like there are about eight people on stage. [myspace]

Wednesday, May 11

Yo La Tengo @ Bell House * Gowanus, Brooklyn * SOLD OUT
See above.

CSS, Sleigh Bells @ Webster Hall * East Village, Manhattan * SOLD OUT
CSS are Brazilian ladies who make ultra hip crazy dance pop with punk attitude. Sleigh Bells are a duo who make ultra hip music using this recipe: danceable, heavy hip-hop beats + girly vocals + metal/hardcore/industrial sheets of guitar noise + some screaming.  The bands are playing better venues later in the week (also sold out) so if you are able to get in, I'd recommend one of the others, because Webster Hall is a shithole. [css myspace] [sb myspace]

Vaz @ Cake Shop * LES, Manhattan * $7
Here's a show that's not sold out.  Vaz are mean and loud and experimental.  They will sound very good over Cake Shop's powerful P.A. system.  That 'bout sums it up. [myspace]

The long view...

CSS, Sleigh Bells (see above) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (Sold Out)

Echo & the Bunnymen (classic post punk) @ Irving Plaza
...and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (heavy wall of sound with major pop appeal from a refreshingly uncool band), Surfer Blood @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Total Slacker (see above) @ Monster Island Basement ($8)

Echo & the Bunnymen (see above) @ Irving Plaza

CSS, Sleigh Bells (see above) @ Bowery Ballroom (Sold Out)
Soft Circle, Yvette, Hunters (mean experimental post punk noize) @ Death By Audio ($7)

The Antlers (sad noisy music) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Antlers (see above) @ Bowery Ballroom
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), I Feel Tractor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Big Freedia (dirty south rap in drag), Javelin @ Mercury Lounge

Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles, Woven Bones (lo-fi post punk pop) @ Glasslands ($10)
Pterodactyl, Screens, Zulus (noize rock with experimental bent) @ Death By Audio ($7)

Big Freedia (see above) @ Brooklyn Bowl ($5)

Stiff Little Fingers (late 70's UK punk)
Liturgy, Sightings @ Knitting Factory

Against Me!, Screaming Females, Lemuria (first and last = BEST pop punk; Females = just plain BEST) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

TSOL (one of the best original SoCal hardcore punk bands) @ Santos Party House

Northside Festival: Atlas Sound (Deerhunter side project)@ St. Cecilia's ($15/$17)

Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 (slowcore shoegaze) @ Bell House ($15/$20)
Northside Festival: Surfer Blood, Eternal Summers, Grooms, Xray Eyeballs @ Knitting Factory ($12/$14)
Northside Festival: Woods @ St. Cecilia's ($12/$15)

Northside Festival: Guided By Voices (original line-up), Wavves @ McCarren Park
Northside Festival: Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces, see above) @ St. Cecilia's ($15/$17)

Northside Festival: Mount Eerie (aka Microphones, the best lo-fi noise folk since Neutral Milk Hotel) @ St. Cecilia's ($12/$15)

Dinosaur Jr (late 80's/early 90's loud proto-alt rock, performing their classic album Bug), Fucked Up (wall of sound meets hardcore/thrash meets best thing ever) @ Terminal 5

Archers of Loaf (one of the best 90's indie bands) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (SOLD OUT)

Archers of Loaf (see above) @ Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)

Animal Collective @ Prospect Park
Cold Cave @ Knitting Factory

The Kills @ Terminal 5

Sonic Youth @ Williamsburg Waterfront
Streets, El-P @ Terminal 5

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