Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upcoming Shows: Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon + more

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Wednesday, April 7

Beluga @ Glasslands * Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Incomprehensibly underrated lady punks Beluga are playing their "last show for a while" at Glasslands. This band is so damn good. There are four girls and guy and the singer is a blond, dolled-up Brazilian ex-model who screams and writhes on the floor while the others play excellent grunge-tinged punk anthems that pack a punch. [myspace]

Thursday, April 8

Unstoppable Death Machines @ Shea Stadium * Williamsburg, Brooklyn
UDM are two guys who make slabs of insane noise on bass and drums while shrieking into heavily distorted little microphones they keep in their mouths. Badass. [myspace]

Friday, April 9

Screaming Females (opening for Ted Leo) @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza * Union Square, Manhattan * $16
I'm not a huge fan of Ted Leo or the Fillmore, but I am a huge fan of Screaming Females and neither the price ($16) nor the venue is bad enough to rule this concert out. Ted Leo won't be able to follow Screaming Females, but I think he knows that because he put Obits on the bill and he can definitely follow them - they rather suck. Anyway, Screaming Females are one screaming female and two males and they play the best guitar rock on earth right now and neither Ted Leo nor the Obits are fit to haul their gear - but they are way to nice to say that themselves. [sf myspace] [tl myspace]

Saturday, April 10

Mirror/Dash @ "Family Bookstore" * Tribeca, Manhattan * FREE!
Mirror/Dash is really Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, the couple who have basically served as mom and dad to America's underground music and art scenes for several decades now. Known, of course, for their work in Sonic Youth, the pair could make any sort of music - from noise jams to tight rock songs. You won't know until you go, and why not - it's free! (The venue is some temporary art gallery, it sounds like - some artsy something or other that's going to be there for the next month.)

Shooting Spires @ Death by Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Shooting Spires overlap with Parts & Labor and from what I can tell, they sound pretty similar - and that's good thing! There are great, dramatic, sweeping pop songs jacked up on a constant flurry of electronic noises, massive bass and crashing drums. Check it aowt. [myspace]

After that run of awesome shows, there are a few days that are fairly uninspiring. Not for long though...

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The long view...

A.R.E. Weapons @ Death by Audio

Liars @ Bowery Ballroom

Kaki King @ Bowery Ballroom
Pterodactyl, Dinowalrus, Fiasco @ Death by Audio

Liars @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Snoop Dogg @ Brooklyn Bowl

Snoop Dogg @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza
Sweet Apple (feat. J. Mascis) @ Mercury Lounge
Thermals @ Brooklyn Bowl

Apples in Stereo @ Bowery Ballroom
Killing Joke @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza
Thermals @ Brooklyn Bowl

Gang Gang Dance @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Los Campesinos! @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza
Quasi, Let’s Wrestle @ Bowery Ballroom

Don Giovanni presents: Screaming Females (I called it), Measure (SA) @ Mercury Lounge

Don Giovanni presents: Shellshag, Noun (Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females), Black Wine, Pregnant @ Mercury Lounge

Styrenes (mems Mirrors, Electric Eels) @ Death by Audio

Echo & the Bunnymen @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza

Chapterhouse @ Bell House

Broken Social Scene @ Webster Hall
Caribou @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Broken Social Scene @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Caribou @ Bowery Ballroom
Primitives, Frankie & the Outs @ Bell House

Sleigh Bells @ Market Hotel

Parts & Labor, Talk Normal @ Knitting Factory
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra @ Bowery Ballroom

Spectrum, Vacant Lots @ Knitting Factory

M.I.A. @ Governor’s Island

[Upcoming Shows Playlist]

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