Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upcoming Shows: Japanther, Titus Andronicus + more

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Tomorrow, March 4

Japanther @ Mercury Lounge * LES, Manhattan * $12
They may be kind of full of themselves and annoying at times, but Japanther make some damn good and ofter underrated punk. It's heartfelt and youthful and they are releasing a record and the party is tomorrow so you should go hear them. Plus, their excellently-named friends Cerebral Ballzy are opening. [myspace]

Sunburned Hand of the Man @ Death By Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn
If Japanther are too conventional for your tastes, check out the highly experimental, psychedelic, folk inflected noise of Sunburned Hand of the Man. [myspace]

Friday, March 5

Shellshag, Stupid Party, the Measure, Groucho Marxists @ Cedar Mansion * Bushwick, Brooklyn
Everyone knows the best shows are house parties and everyone knows the best house party shows are hardcore punk and everyone knows the best punk rockers around the tri-state area these days hang around the Don Giovanni Records crowd. So it follows that now that you know this show exists, you also know it's the greatest show ever. Duh. [shellshag myspace] [stupid myspace] [measure myspace] [grouchy marxists myspace]

Saturday, March 6

Titus Andronicus, Parts & Labor, Babies @ Bowery Ballroom * LES, Manhattan * $13 adv. / $15 dos.
Titus Andronicus are another of the best hardcore bands around, though lately they've backed slightly off of the straight-up punk model and turned a bit slicker, rockier and more polished. They write good drinking songs and act like wild men on stage. Parts & Labor make great, dramatic, sweeping pop songs and then drown them out with massive amounts of noises. I haven't heard Babies yet, but it's members of Woods and Vivian Girls, so it's at least of interest. [titus myspace] [p&l myspace]

Sunday, March 7

Tyvek, Talk Normal, Awesome Color @ Market Hotel * Bushwick, Brooklyn
Tyvek come down from Michigan every now and then to play us some awesome punk songs. They are kind frail looking kids, like the kind who live in the basements of college libraries because they melt in sunlight. But they are kind of angry and have fun yelling about things in punk songs they write. Talk Normal are two weird ladies who make strange, droning songs with muttering and shouting and some erratic banging of a tom-tom. Awesome Color play punky psychedelic rock and look cool. [tyvek myspace] [talk myspace] [awesome myspace]

Monday, March 8

??? Dinowalrus @ Cameo * Williamsburg, Brooklyn ???
Dinowalrus doesn't list this show, but Cameo does, so check before you go. Dinowalrus make psychedelic experimental music that wanders around without losing track of its strong beats and melodies. It's a rare band that can so well balance being fun and accessible with being musically edgy and innovative. [myspace]

Update: No show. Just a private performance for a music school seminar. So never mind - but do check out Dinowalrus soon.

Tuesday, March 9

Aa, Screens, PC Worship @ Death by Audio * Williamsburg, Brooklyn
This should be an extremely rad show - three of Brooklyn's most original bands at its best venue. Aa are a Brooklyn mainstay with a highly percussive core. Their music is their rhythms and their rhythms are awesome. Screens are one of my new favorites, an experimental band with driving beats and rich, scared-sounding melodies. PC Worship are another new favorite. They often keep it toned down a bit, mixing quiet lo-fi songs with inspired sonic experiments. If you don't go to this show, you'll end up really regretting it. [aa myspace] [screens myspace] [pc myspace]

[Upcoming Shows Playlist]

The long view...

The Magnetic Fields @ Town Hall

The Magnetic Fields @ Town Hall
Iran @ Knitting Factory

Henry Rollins @ The Fillmore

Killswitch Engage @ The Fillmore

Killswitch Engage @ The Fillmore
Oneida + Sightings @ Knitting Factory

Black Lips @ Brooklyn Bowl

Black Lips @ Bowery Ballroom

Nada Surf play Let Go + surprise guest @ Bowery Ballroom
Jello Biafra and Guantanamo Schools of Medicine @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Nada Surf play The Weight Is a Gift + surprise guest @ Bell House
Spoon, Deerhunter @ Radio City Music Hall

Nada Surf play Lucky + surprise guest @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Big Pink, A Place to Bury Strangers @ Webster Hall

The Bronx, Japanther @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Captured Tracks Showcase: Blank Dogs, Wet Dog + more @ Glasslands

Soft Pack, Nodzzz, Male Bonding @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Bronx, Japanther @ Bowery Ballroom

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Webster Hall

Washed Out, Small Black @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Liars @ Bowery Ballroom

Liars @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Apples in Stereo @ Bowery Ballroom

Chapterhouse @ Bell House

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